This is my personal blog. My main themes are:

  • what I have learned and what still fascinates me as a business person and executive coach;
  • mental and physical wellness, often in the context of ageing well and;
  • a catch-all category of whatever grabs my interest.

It’s been around on and off for a few years now. Sometimes life has got in the way and there hasn’t been time. At various stages, I’ve blogged anonymously, as I have addressed more sensitive subjects. I thought it was time to say what I want to say and be open about it.

I hope one or two of the topics are of interest if you have found yourself on the website. I’m not setting myself up as an expert on any subject, I’m sharing thoughts. What I would value you most is other views on the subjects.

So please leave a comment, or contact me via the form. Better still, subscribe to Receive Updates, see quick form on each page. You can be sure that I won’t spam you, there will be no more than one brief email per month.

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