Run, Moony, Run

How Did I End Up Here? Run, Moony, Run. What gives? What’s with the Forrest Gump strapline? I will tell you an embarrassing tale. Blog readers, my loving family and my friends know that 11 months ago, I managed to have my first real cycling …

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Cold Turkey – Rehab Diaries

Off The Serious Drugs Cold turkey for me. I’m in an odd place now, things are going well, but it’s also challenging. Allow me to explain. I’ve spent six weeks on Fentanyl, ketamine, morphine, Gabapentin, ibuprofen, and paracetamol. While they have been ramping down, I …

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Trauma. Healing. Growth

Ride London 100 Trauma, healing, growth have occupied me for the last three weeks. Dealing with a severe injury was not something on my list of 2023 goals. But it has happened, and my plans have changed. How do I turn trauma into a growth …

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