Use It Or Lose It

Living Proof Use it or lose it. That’s a fact when it comes to muscle mass, fitness, mobility and general physical wellbeing. And the older you get – and I include you Ms/Mr Forty-Something – the bigger an issue it becomes. Today is 12 weeks …

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Life Comes At You Fast

I’m A Pensioner Life comes at you fast. Yes, sir, it does. My invitation to get my State Pension arrived today. Life comes at you quickly. I remember my first day at primary school with clarity. Oddly I remember that day better than when I …

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Who Wants To Live Forever?

Who wants to live forever? I don’t. I’m interested in a healthy last 15-20 years rather than being enfeebled or suffering from dementia-related conditions. However, on my last day, I might want to withdraw the statement, but that will depend on my circumstances. Rationally, I …

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