I’m 67 years old and live in North London with my wife of eleven years, Mish, a photographer and artist. My interests lean heavily towards fitness and exercise because I have spent almost 30 years in the sports nutrition and functional health ingredients industry. Also, my family health history could have been better, and I’m not keen on years of slowly declining health, as my parents and grandparents experienced.

Therefore I cycle and visit the gym a lot. I have just taken up running again after a 25-year hiatus. Given that I was told not to run again to protect my knee health, running is risky. But as you’ll find elsewhere in this blog, it’s not as risky as traditional wisdom would have it. I listen to a lot of music, both recorded and live. I play chess poorly and am always about to start learning Italian.

Professionally, I had a long and varied corporate career before striking out into the world of startups and growth companies some 20 years ago. For the last dozen years, I was proud to be CEO of Science in Sport, turning this from a kitchen table business into the best endurance nutrition business in elite sports. A severe accident and a desire to leave the grind led me to move to a portfolio of advisory roles at the start of 2024. 12 years ago, I also studied Clinical Organisational Psychology at INSEAD in France, and this has been the foundation of my executive coaching and mentoring work with senior leaders.