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Getting the reading list underway, here is a surprisingly good book by The Terminator himself, Arnold. His book Seven Tools For Life is a great read. Simple and easy-to-grasp concepts for improving your life. I haven’t been much of an Arnold fan, but I watched the Netflix series on him, and it made me think, “Wow, this guy came from a modest background but progressed to the highest level in three very different walks of life.”

That led me to add his autobiography, Total Recall, to my reading list. Which, as you can see, wasn’t favoured by this Guardian reviewer. Having established my poor credentials as a judge of a good book, I went on to buy his latest. It’s worth a read. It lays out some clear directions and ones that made me reflect. I was taken by “Never Think Small.”

We are primarily raised to think small, to fit in with family or social norms. It takes some real guts to say that you will not play by the rules many parents or educators set out. Arnold most certainly did not do that.

If you’re considering taking a different approach, especially in your work or sporting life, it’s worth the two or three hours needed to read it. It’s not highbrow or laden with scientific concepts or references. But it’s practical and, for me, thought-provoking. That’s my first reading list suggestion.

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