Deadlift Plan

What’s The Target?

My deadlift plan is part of my list of goals to achieve in 2023 on the bike and the gym. I will be 66 in May and want to be sure that I’m still in decent physical shape. Physical decline is happening to us all from the age of 30 onwards. But I would like to remain active for as long as possible, for all the well-documented physical and mental health reasons.

My deadlift goal is to lift a one-rep 170 kg before the end of 2023. That would be an advanced standard for a male of my age and weight. It’s a challenging goal, no doubt. It is probably seven years since I singled a 165 kg deadlift. I will need to train hard for this one, and that will be made harder given my cycling goals for the year.

What’s The Deadlift Plan?

I will use a deadlift plan set by Eric Cressey, the renowned coach to professional athletes and a handy lifter in his own right. I purchased one of his training plans a few years ago and found it effective. As well as laying a solid plan out, he has some excellent instructional YouTube material on technique.

The distorted video – something about GoPro and YouTube not playing nicely – is me part way through five sets of deadlifts at 70% of the targeted 170 kg maximum. The deadlift plan has a steady progression, with many weeks of foundation building. I need exactly that, given my age-related physical niggles and my slower recovery time. I remember a wise barbell veteran saying to me “if in doubt always leave a rep or a set on the table.” That’s something I need at the top of my mind; it’s in my nature to press too hard and regret that later.

Deadlift Diaries

My deadlift plan is going to take several months to execute. I must balance my cycling training with my deadlifting. The cycling season is frontloaded for me, with events in May and July. My idea is to consistently build deadlift base strength while putting cycling first. Then in the late summer, back off cycling and look to peak on the lifting. Let’s see how it goes. Hopefully I will improve with my video skills.

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