Mind Over Body

Mind over body - David Goggins in an ultramarathon

How Bad Do You Want It? Mind over body is the subject of a fascinating book by Matt Fitzgerald, recommended by a colleague. It’s on the subject of the limiting factor in endurance performance being the brain and not the body. It’s based on the 1990s work by South African Professor Tim Noakes, who has … Read more

Knees Over Toes

Knees Over Toes Guy Ben Patrick

Knees Over Toes Guy Knees Over Toes Guy helped me to recover from a meniscus injury last year. I found a simple bodyweight routine I do anywhere. For me, what was a rehabilitation regime has become a very convenient and effective strength-building method. The concept is the work of Ben Patrick, a former collegiate basketball … Read more

Protein Intake For Older Athletes

Protein intake for older athletes must be higher - use a high protein supplement to reach your goal

How Much Protein Is Enough? Protein intake for older athletes is an essential and often overlooked aspect of any fitness routine. I’m starting to understand that my mindset needs to be less, more, more, and more. Less overall volume of training. More short, high-intensity sessions. More recovery time. And more protein. This last part escapes … Read more

Goodbye Zwift

The Great Indoors I have cancelled my Zwift indoor cycling subscription. Goodbye Zwift. After four and a half years and 6,000 indoor miles, no more. Over recent months I had become apathetic at best when it came to watching a digital me spinning digital wheels on a digital road. Every minute in the saddle felt … Read more