Faster, Stronger, Longer

Faster, stronger, longer is my aim. To be healthy for longer. Maximising healthy and productive years. Not slowly sinking in an array of diseases linked to poor lifestyle choices.

I’m always trying to stay in good physical shape. This is not the diary of some super athlete dashing from one achievement to another. It’s the life of a distinctly average man trying to do his best and proving that we can all be faster, stronger and go longer.

My mind is open regarding research, methods and techniques in the area of physical wellness. I spend much time considering diet, sports nutrition, and supplementation. Experimentation is fascinating; I often try new dietary interventions and exercise regimes. It helps that I work in the sports space, I get a lot of access to leading-edge techniques and thinking.

You don’t need to be outstanding to improve and be faster, stronger, and train and compete longer. Let’s just do the work and do it regularly.

Faster. Stronger. Longer. Longer.

Faster, stronger, longer for longer. I rebranded my website to focus more clearly on having a longer and healthier life. If you are 50 years old or older, then there is something of interest to you in my blog. Physical exercise, being mindful of mental …

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Use It Or Lose It

Living Proof Use it or lose it. That’s a fact when it comes to muscle mass, fitness, mobility and general physical wellbeing. And the older you get – and I include you Ms/Mr Forty-Something – the bigger an issue it becomes. Today is 12 weeks …

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Hitting The Gym – Rehab Diaries

Off The Drugs It’s been an odd couple of weeks in my recovery process. I tapered off the serious painkillers and am on ibuprofen and paracetamol only. This had two effects. Firstly my sleep has become quite fractured, and I’m struggling to reach six hours …

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Cold Turkey – Rehab Diaries

Off The Serious Drugs Cold turkey for me. I’m in an odd place now, things are going well, but it’s also challenging. Allow me to explain. I’ve spent six weeks on Fentanyl, ketamine, morphine, Gabapentin, ibuprofen, and paracetamol. While they have been ramping down, I …

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Who Wants To Live Forever?

Who wants to live forever? I don’t. I’m interested in a healthy last 15-20 years rather than being enfeebled or suffering from dementia-related conditions. However, on my last day, I might want to withdraw the statement, but that will depend on my circumstances. Rationally, I …

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Learning From Recovery

Learning from recovery, a month to the day since my cycling crash in Ride London 100. I have discovered new aspects of life, and have had time to reflect on my journey. I’m very conscious that my diary could become a ‘poor me’ or ‘aren’t …

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Pills And Plans – Rehab Diaries

Pills And Plans A month since my cycling accident this weekend. Pills and plans are the rehab highlights of the week. It feels like time has moved very quickly. I hadn’t realised a month had flown by. I have had industrial strength doses of ketamine …

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Rehab Highway

The Journey May Take A Touch Longer Rehab highway may be up to another 12 weeks, according to a top practitioner. I keep trying to make light of some significant league injuries, but many more experienced people than I keep advising me not to make …

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Rehab Diaries

Rehab diaries for 19 June. A care package turned up from my colleagues at Science in Sport Performance Solutions. I need all the help I can get.

Life And Risk

Was It Worth It? Life and risk has occupied my mind of late. As readers know, I had a heavy fall at Ride London 100 almost three weeks ago. With help from some great friends, my bike was retrieved and was largely undamaged. I also …

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