Avocado Armageddon

San Francisco, Long Haul San Francisco, a late afternoon arrival after a ten-hour flight. The day stretched a little longer as we were held on the runway for an hour. Followed by another two hours getting through immigration. The atmosphere was so hot and heavy in the immigration hall that a police officer collapsed and … Read more

Setting Wellness Goals

Why Wellness Goals? You start to get a lot more serious about wellness as you get older. Take that as a given. I sometimes wonder what my state of wellness would be if I had started earlier in life. The problem with that less than useful reflection is that the wisdom needed to understand why … Read more

Reflection Missing In Action

Reflection has gone missing in action, as has my blogging action. It’s more than a month since I last wrote anything. Life is busy. Business is intense, not just the day to day. I’m working with a team who are delivering. In parallel taking a good, close look at the long-term strategy of the business. … Read more

Bespoke Bike: Ricky Feather Travel Bike

Let’s Build A Race Bike Then Cut It In Half It Has To Be Bespoke Why a bespoke bike? I like hand built items. Hand made items. There’s a long story related to this expensive habit, I’ll come back to it at a later time. I’ve owned a decent line of handmade bikes in the … Read more

Wellness: You’re On Your Own

wellness photograph showing half and half internal and external man

Drowning In A Sea Of Poor Health Advice It’s A Family Affair I was 62 in May. It’s documented elsewhere, but it feels like a golden time of life for me. Health and wellness is high on the agenda. Obviously I’m in quarter four of the game and the awareness of the clock ticking has … Read more

Team Evolution: – Tough, But Essential

Team Forming I wrote a post recently about the need to survive first and foremost in entrepreneurial life. It’s the unseen battle. Working on team evolution as the business grows is another area which gets little attention. Because it’s tough. It takes a lot of work, in my view, it takes almost constant thought. Making … Read more

Entrepreneurship: It Never Gets Old

Logo for startup business, shown in draft form on studio desk

A New Sector Entrepreneurship has a hold on me. Together with two new partners I will open a music production studio next week. It will be the foundation of a new independent record label Loup Ent. Words I thought I would never type. I don’t know anything about the music production industry at all, I’m … Read more

Entrepreneur Rule 1: Survive

Entrepreneur definition in typewriter typeface on page

Entrepreneur 1.0 I’ve been an entrepreneur for 15 years now. This stint anyway. I set up a business when I was 20 and was awful at the basics and wrapped things up after a while. I was different, a loner and very independent and wanted to do my own thing. But I didn’t have the … Read more

Growth Hacks – Don’t Bother

How about doing the right things right? The Fable Of Growth Hacks I’m a bit worn out by articles promising me the next great growth hack. Worse still, a list of them. It’s a plague. I’m not even sure what a growth hack is. Type it in your favourite search engine and see how many … Read more

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